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2. 8. 2019 - Health & Fitness

The Tell Tale Signs That You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol consumption can quickly change into a habit in a short period. There could be some signs that your alcohol consumption is turning into addiction and going past the limits even before you know it. Stopping alcohol addiction is not an easy task, and some signs of withdrawal could accompany it. You can, however, avoid addiction by limiting the amount of alcohol you take in. By reading the following signs, you will b able to avoid addiction by knowing exactly when it is time to cut on your alcohol intake.

When you take too much alcohol, you may not be able to know when it is time to stop. You may start drinking every time with pure intentions, and you may even intend to take in just a little or probably enough for a social situation. However, you should consider it a worrying sign when you find yourself dirking more than you had intended frequently. Alcohol problems could start from consuming too much within a short period and not being aware of how much you have taken in which may be more than you imagine if you keep refilling your glass as soon as it runs dry.

You should probably start considering your options if you regularly experience hangovers. If you have been on a night out and ended up drinking a little too much alcohol, then you have probably had a hangover the next morning. However, it should not be a cause of worry if it is a periodical defect in your normal drinking habits. On the contrary, if you regularly wake up feeling hungover, you should be concerned. If the amounts of alcohol you take in weekly are on average levels, then they shouldn’t be enough to cause a hangover on a morning. To stay within the moderate levels, a man should take a maximum of two glasses a day while women should stick with one glass. Having to battle the effects that a hangover comes with the next morning more than often, you need to reduce your alcohol intake since you could be drinking excessively and other necessary more info.

P If you are having memory problems, chances are you could be drinking too much. The main memory problem connected to excessive alcohol intake is experiencing gaps in your memory and find it hard remembering the events of the last night. You could be having a potential drinking problem if you experience temporary blackouts and periods where you cannot remember details about a happening that should not be so hard to recall, more so if they are very recent. If you do, you should take action and find a solution before it is too late.

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