Great discount on products is guaranteed

4. 5. 2019 - Uncategorized
Great discount on products is guaranteed

Tesco Flyers will never disappoint and surprise you with a big discount. There are some items written on each page. There are various dairy products or fresh pastries in the event. You also choose from a large amount of meat from Czech buters. Salami both dietary and spicy. Do not forget to buy some sweetness. Hazelnut wafers are also very crispy.
Refreshing Cup as a confectioneries
If you fancy an ice cream cup, check out the Tesco flyer to see if it has any ice cream on offer. Buy more species and prepare it for jars at home. Add pieces of different kinds of fresh or compotto fruit and spray a scoop of whipped cream onto the surface. Sprinkle with cocoa or minced, hazelnuts. You'll also be sucked behind your ears.