We cheer domestic tourism

4. 5. 2019 - Uncategorized
We cheer domestic tourism

Have you consulted at home, where are you going to go on holiday this year? If you are not yet completely clear, try renting huts and cottages. You can have them in picturesque villages as well as in the mountains, near the water, but also close to our famous landmarks. They're waiting for you all over. They are large enough, so we expect you to take the whole family, even grandma and grandfather.
You can also take your bicycles with you
Many of you are engaged in cycling or biking. We know where there are suitable trails, where you will be good to ride and also where you can see something interesting. Our chalets and cottages will be the ideal accommodation for you. Invite your friends. You will find that the movement in the fresh air will come in very handy. Please contact us when you decide to leave.