You love like never before

4. 5. 2019 - Uncategorized
You love like never before

With an informative wedding announcement you say that you have only experienced a foolish crush that has passed away as a summer sunshine, but now you really love it. You love madly and strongly and deeply. You love it like never before and your love is so strong that you forget your self and think of the dreamlike ones and us. You surrender your life to a beloved being and accept full responsibility for it.
Mark it all over the world
That is why this announcement deserves a great parade. Beautiful paper, beautiful font, quality print. From this small printed matter, it is expected to move the heart of even the most stubby cynics. Yes, you'll have to shout all over the world. Whoever wants to rejoice with you. Whoever doesn't want to make a gripe. That's not your problem anymore. You are happy and ready to eat after the life of another.